2023 Awards for Stayton Fire District

Stayton Fire District's 2023 Awards Banquet was held on March 23, 2024, to celebrate our member's accomplishments and years of service. We want to congratulate the following personnel:

Length Service Awards:

5 Years:

Firefighters: Marcus Andrews, Brian Harris, and Antonio Johnson

EMS Responder Craig Randall

7 Years:

Support Member: Dana Orr

Firefighters: Mike Beaumont and Daniel Koellmann

10 Years:

Lieutenant Scott Cooper

Engineer James McDougall

15 Years:

Support Member Kristin Griffith

20 Years:

Captain Kurt Hueller

30 Years:

Captain Sherry Bensema

Life Membership:

Board Director Jay Myers (24 years of service)

Board Director Ray Porter (34 years of service)


Volunteer Service With Pride Award: FF Jonathan Jensen

Rookie of the Year: Recruit Sean Mullins

Support Person of the Year: Kristin Griffith

Officer of the Year: Lt. Kelly Oliver

Medic of the Year: FF/EMT Cody Murphy

Firefighter of the Year: Jonathan Jensen



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