March 1 starts Open Burning Season

Chip, Compost, or Recycle Yard Debris. Don't Burn it. If debris burning is your only option, follow these tips. Click a link below to view a PDF on the Do's and Dont's of Debris Burning (OSFM website)

Daily Burn Information Line

1-877-982-0011 or click here and click on the "Daily Burning Information" link on the right side of the page.  (Updated each day after 9 am) 

Open Burning Seasons is regulated by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

Check it Out! DEQ has launched a map-based tool to help people better understand outdoor burning restrictions in Oregon! The new tool and information about burning across the state can be found on DEQ’s Open and Outdoor Burning web page. Look for the "Can I Burn Mapping Tool" at

SPRING – Projected for March 1 through June 15 (projected and is dependent on fire conditions)

Burn Responsibly - Before You burn, click here for Safety Tips!

Open Burning Questions or Complaints

Backyard Burning(Open Burning)

It is burning debris in an outdoor fireplace, burn barrel, backyard incinerator, or piles of yard debris. You can only burn during Open Burning Seasons - call the daily burn information line before you burn.

Allowed Materials - What can I burn?

You can burn yard debris: wood, needles, or leaves from plants grown and burned on the property of origin.

Prohibited Materials - What can I not burn?

It is illegal to burn the following materials any time, anywhere in Oregon: asbestos, asphalt or industrial waste, automotive parts (including frames), dead animals, plastic and rubber products, tires, waste oil, petroleum treated and related materials, and wet garbage and food waste, or any material creating dense smoke or noxious odors. Visit the DEQ website and select your County to check for additional restrictions.


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