Wildfire Preparedness in Ag and Ag Wildfire Behavior and Suppression Courses

Sharing from OSU Extension:

The Agricultural Wildfire Behavior and Suppression course covers wildfire behavior in rangelands and field crops, along with wildfire suppression tactics and safety. The 8 modules cover:
  • Heat transfer and fire spread during wildfires
  • Wildfire behavior in crops and rangelands
  • Fuel types in agricultural areas
  • Firefighting equipment to consider for the farm and ranch
  • Wildfire hazards to human health
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for wildfires
  • Wildfire suppression tactics and safety
  • Completing an Oregon OSHA Job Hazard Analysis Form for wildfire suppression
Find out more at https://beav.es/ibX. The class is online and on demand.
The Wildfire Preparedness in Agriculture course focuses on creating emergency wildfire plans, defensible space, and considerations for reducing ignitions from farming equipment. The 7 modules cover:
  • Understanding wildfire risk
  • Defensible space around structures
  • Creating an emergency action plan
  • Fire prevention on the farm
  • Creating a fire prevention plan
  • Resource and wildfire hazard inventory
Find out more at https://beav.es/w92. The class is online and on demand. 

Each Online Course is $25


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