Youth Fire Safety Highlight: Who can I call if I need help?

Call 911 from a safe place when there is an emergency. Know the phone numbers of friends, family, or a neighbor who can help if your family needs help.

VIDEO on YouTube: When & how to call 911. Teaching children how to call 911 using various phones.

NFPA Messaging: Reporting and Emergency
  • The fire department will help if there is an emergency. Examples of an emergency include fire and serious injury.

  • Remember, you call the fire department only in an emergency. Calling the fire department when there is no emergency could cause others to not get the help they need. It can also put firefighters in danger needlessly.

  • When the fire department answers the phone, tell them:
    • The type of emergency

    • Your name

    • The location that you are calling from

    • The telephone number from where you are calling

  • Stay on the telephone until the fire department dispatcher tells you to hang up.


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