Looking for ways to prepare your home or business for the upcoming Wildfire Season?

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Defensible Space Tips
Here are some great ideas from the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network:

1-2 hours - Plan, assess, refresh and purchase:
  • Walk around your home and complete a wildfire checklist. Pay special attention to the zone 0-5 feet from your structure.
  • Make or refresh your family membersí go-bags. Or, if your go-bags are ready, make a go-bag to give to a neighbor.
  • If you live in an area where Public Safety Power Shutoffs are likely, consider how you will cope without power. Purchase a portable power bank to charge your cell phone and medical equipment. If you have a generator, ensure that it is functioning properly. 
  • Create or practice your family emergency plan. Know two ways out of your neighborhood and other locations where you and your family members spend time. Remember, you may have to evacuate from a location other than your home. 
Click here to check out the full list and Blog by Michelle Medley-Daniel for Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network.

For more wildfire preparedness and prevention information, visit the websites for Keep Oregon Green at https://keeporegongreen.org/, the Oregon Department of Forestryís restrictions map https://www.oregon.gov/odf/fire/Pages/fireprevention.aspx, OSUís new Fire Program at https://extension.oregonstate.edu/fire-program and OSUís Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer tool: https://oregonexplorer.info/topics/wildfire-risk?ptopic=62.


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