arrowbubble.gif City of Stayton
The official site of the City of Stayton, Gateway to the Santiam Canyon
arrowbubble.gif City of Sublimity
The City of Sublimity is a rural, residential community located on the western low foothills of the Oregon Cascades about 15 miles southeast of Salem.
arrowbubble.gif Healthy Forests and Rangelands
A cooperative effort between the United States Department of the Interior (DOI), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and their land management agencies.
arrowbubble.gif Know Your Forest
This website is built specifically for small forest landowners of Oregon. It was created by the Partnership for Forestry Education, a collaboration of state, federal and private organizations, to make the management of your forestland easier and more effective.
arrowbubble.gif Linn County, Oregon
Linn County is dedicated to serving the needs of the public.
arrowbubble.gif Local Emergency Alert System
Update your numbers or signup for Everbridge to be notified about local emergency alerts and other important community news. Sign in to update your alerts or click signup at the bottom to signup.
arrowbubble.gif Marion County Recycling and Disposal Guide
You can search for directions on how to recycle and/or dispose of an item or substance or pick from a list.
arrowbubble.gif Marion County, Oregon
The Marion County, Oregon web site. Located south of the Portland metropolitan area.
arrowbubble.gif North Santiam School District
Preparing all students for continuing education, work and citizenship.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Forests
Home of Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) which was created to enhance collaboration among forest scientists, public agencies, community organizations, conservation groups and forest landowners; to provide objective information about responsible forest management; and to encourage environmentally sound forest practices through training and other educational programs
arrowbubble.gif Regis High School
Welcome to the online portal of news and happenings with Stayton, Oregon’s Regis High School
arrowbubble.gif Saint Mary Catholic School
Faith, Learning and Service since 1929
arrowbubble.gif Santiam Memorial Hospital
Your Partner in Good Health
arrowbubble.gif Stayton Events
Your Guide to Stayton Area Happenings
arrowbubble.gif Stayton Lions Club
Stayton Lions Club is a service organization and has been a chartered member of Lions Clubs International and serving the community since September 1st, 1938.
arrowbubble.gif Stayton Sublimity Chamber of Commerce
Get Connected, Get Promoted, Be Informed, Get involved
arrowbubble.gif US Flag Etiquette
Link to proper flag etiquette
USA Government Made Easy
arrowbubble.gif Marion County COVID-19 Status
Marion County COVID-19 Statistics
arrowbubble.gif Oregon COVID-19 Resources
What is allowed, links to executive orders, and resources to answer questions
Emergency Services
arrowbubble.gif Daily Dispatch
Daily fire service news tailored to each state.
arrowbubble.gif Department of Public Safety Standards and Training
Department of Public Safety Standards and Training
arrowbubble.gif Federal Emergency Management Agency
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Providing Daily Updates in News - Products and events throughout the country.
arrowbubble.gif InciWeb: National Incidents
Information about national wildland fires.
arrowbubble.gif Just In Time Disaster Training
The purpose of this free on-line library is to provide a single, easy to search source in which individuals, agencies and organizations can access Just In Time Disaster Training Videos.
arrowbubble.gif Marion Co.Emergency Management
Marion County emergency information including river levels, road closures and weather.
arrowbubble.gif METCOM 911
Our dispatch agency.
arrowbubble.gif National Interagency Fire Center
Regional up-to-date information on wildfires, wildfire prevention and fire statistics.
arrowbubble.gif NIMS - Independent Study Program
Academy students need to complete and show proof of passing all 3 of the following: IS-700.a National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) an introduction, IS-100.b (ICS 100) Introduction to Incident Command System, and IS-200.b (ICS 200) ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents.
arrowbubble.gif Northwest Interagency Coordination Center
Interagency resource coordination, logistics support, aviation support and predictive services for all state and federal agencies involved in wildland fire management and suppression in the region.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Forestry
Forest Fire: prevention, current fires, restrictions, closures, and other information from Oregon Department of Forestry.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon DHS - Emergency Medical Services & Trauma Systems
The Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems Program develops and regulates systems that provide quality emergency care to victims of sudden illness or traumatic injury. This ensures that responders are fully trained, that emergency medical vehicles are properly equipped, and emergency medical systems are functioning efficiently and effectively.
arrowbubble.gif Statter 911
Fire and EMS news from the National Capital area, around the country and around the world. It is written by former television and radio reporter Dave Statter
arrowbubble.gif Stayton Fire District Twitter
Follow Stayton Fire District on Twitter.
Fire & Life Safety
arrowbubble.gif Aging and Disability Resource Connection of Oregon
Get connected to local information and services for seniors and people with disabilities.
arrowbubble.gif AirNow Smoke and Fire Map
EPA and US Forest Service site that provides near-and real-time information to enhance awareness of air quality hazards from wildfire smoke.
arrowbubble.gif Car Seat - Child Passenger Safety
Oregon Impact Website has resources and a list of Car Seat Check Events. Scroll down to see all the resources and links to laws, recalls, flyers, and low-income programs for car seats.
arrowbubble.gif Cascadia 9.0 Earthquake Preparedness Game
Cascadia 9.0 is designed to make earthquake preparation more enjoyable. The game's name comes from the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a 600-mile fault off the Pacific coastline.
arrowbubble.gif Close Your Door
UL’s Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) found that a simple behavioral change, closing your bedroom door, could have a potentially life-saving impact. Learn more and take the pledge.
arrowbubble.gif Consumer Product Safety Commission
Consumer Product Recalls - notices and reporting.
arrowbubble.gif Cooking Fire Safety
Cooking remains a leading cause of residential fires and fire casualties. Learn how to prevent a cooking fire in your home and how to keep members of your household safe in case of fire.
arrowbubble.gif Current Fire Conditions - Keep Oregon Green
Can you have a campfire? Link to public fire restriction map.
arrowbubble.gif DEQ Can I Burn Mapping Tool
A map-based tool to help people better understand outdoor burning restrictions in Oregon! The new tool and information about burning across the state can be found on DEQ’s Open and Outdoor Burning web page
Provides relief point for disaster survivors to access and apply for assistance.
arrowbubble.gif Emergency Preparedness
Oregon Individual Disaster Preparedness from Oregon Emergency Management.
arrowbubble.gif Evacuation Readiness
Oregon follows a 3 Level evacuation notification system, each structured around the readiness need and threat level. It is important to know the current levels and what they mean to help make the best decision to stay safe. If you feel unsafe, do not wait for a notification, knock at the door or alert – evacuate!
arrowbubble.gif Fire Adapted Communities
This website offers information and specific actions you can take, no matter what your role, to reduce your risk to the next wildfire.
arrowbubble.gif Fire Safety Quiz/Games
The Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division has created an on-line fire safety game that can be used educating the public about fire safety.
arrowbubble.gif Fire Science and Safety Education
arrowbubble.gif Fire Sprinkler Coalition Facebook - Oregon
Learn about residential fire sprinklers and why you should think about putting them in your next new home.
arrowbubble.gif Fire Sprinkler Initiative
NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative - Bringing Fire Safety Home
arrowbubble.gif Fire-Resistant Plants for Home Landscapes
Reduce Wildfire Risk with Proper Plant Selection and Placement. Discover landscape plants that are key to a fire-resistant landscape for the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Browse through Perennials, Groundcovers, Vines, Shrubs, and Trees.
arrowbubble.gif Firewise Communities
A multi-agency effort designed to reach beyond the fire service by involving homeowners, community leaders, planners, developers, and others in the effort to protect people, property, and natural resources from the risk of wildland fire.
arrowbubble.gif Forest Restrictions and Closures in Oregon
Individual private landowners can institute use and access restrictions on their lands due to current fires or because of other concerns about fire danger. Contact any landowner before attempting to access and use their land for any purpose.
arrowbubble.gif Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition
Educational and informational resource for consumers, builders, fire service, and community leaders about Home Fire Sprinkers.
arrowbubble.gif Home Fire Sprinkler Initiative
Learn about home fire sprinklers and why you should ask for them.
arrowbubble.gif Home Fire Sprinkler Quiz
Test your knowledge
arrowbubble.gif Keep Oregon Green
Keep Oregon Green Association - Wildfire Prevention
arrowbubble.gif Lock Box - Rapid Entry System
District Customers can purchase Lock Box for their residence or business to provide Stayton Fire Department quick access in case of a fire or an emergency medical incident.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Air Advisory Sign Up
Sign up for email or text notification for Oregon Smoke Advisories.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Defensible Space Program
Schedule a free defensible space assessment and learn how to create defensible space around your home.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon DHS Flu Information
Oregon Department of Human Services site on Influenza (flu) - prevention information and investigation updates
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Impact
Oregon Impact provides educational experiences to end impaired and distracted driving.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Smoke Blog
Oregon Smoke Information Blog
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Wildfire Resources
Oregon wildfire response and recovery information and resources
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer
The Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer is designed to increase wildfire awareness, give a comprehensive view of wildfire risk and local fire history, and educate users about wildfire prevention and mitigation resources. This viewer directly serves homeowners and community leaders.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer - Advanced
The Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer is designed to increase wildfire awareness, give a comprehensive view of wildfire risk and local fire history, and educate users about wildfire prevention and mitigation resources.
arrowbubble.gif Personal Fire Safety and Fall Prevention
Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshal covers a few topics related to personal fire safety for Oregonians including Smoke Alarms for Deaf or Hard of Hearing, older adult fall prevention and fire safety, and links to product and drug recall sites.
arrowbubble.gif Preparing Homes for Wildfire
There are methods for homeowners to prepare their homes to withstand ember attacks and minimize the likelihood of flames or surface fire touching the home or any attachments. Experiments, models and post-fire studies have shown homes ignite due to the condition of the home and everything around it, up to 200’ from the foundation. This is called the Home Ignition Zone (HIZ).
arrowbubble.gif Project Wildfire
Project Wildfire is the community organization that facilitates, educates, disseminates and maximizes community efforts toward effective fire planning and mitigation.
arrowbubble.gif Public Education News for Parents & Educators
Sparky the Fire Dog shares some great on-line resources for teaching kids about fire safety.
arrowbubble.gif Put A Freeze on Winter Fires
December, January and February are the leading months for U.S. home fires! Learn what you can do to protect your home and loved ones.
Prepare, Plan, Stay Informed - Emergency Preparedness Resources and Information.
arrowbubble.gif Ready.Gov Kids
Teach your children what to do in case of an emergency for when they are at home or away from home. Your kids can become Disaster masters with the preparedness game.
arrowbubble.gif Smoke Alarm Information - Oregon
Installation resources, codes, rules, and statutes. Training resources and frequently asked questions (FAQ).
arrowbubble.gif Smokey Bear
Only YOU can prevent forest fires.
arrowbubble.gif Sparky the Fire Dog
Fun interactive on-line fire prevention activities for kids with Sparky the Fire Dog.
arrowbubble.gif Stop Gas Fires
Site dedicated to a national campaign to stop gas fires. Great site with tips for parents on talking to kids, videos and testimonials.
arrowbubble.gif Trip Check - Oregon Department of Transportion
Road & weather information including road camera links.
arrowbubble.gif Wildfire Education for Grades 6-12
NFPA and Young Minds Inspired have teamed up to provide 4 virtual workshop videos and accompanying lesson plans for teachers to help students better understand wildifires.
arrowbubble.gif Wildfire Risk to Communities
Wildfire Risk to Communities is a free, easy-to-use website with interactive maps, charts, and resources to help communities understand, explore, and reduce wildfire risk.
arrowbubble.gif Wildfire Webinar Recordings: OSU Extension Service Forestry YouTube Channel
Wildfire Webinar Recordings on OSU Extension Service Forestry and Fire YouTube Channel
arrowbubble.gif Wildfire: Home Ignition Zone
Explore OSU Extension Fire Program resources on Protecting your Property from Wildfire
arrowbubble.gif Wildfires and Smoke
Oregon Health Authority Wildfire and Smoke Information
arrowbubble.gif Wildland Urban Interface in Oregon
Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal provides information to Oregonians on wildfire preparedness and prevention, and Evacuation Readiness
Health & Wellness
arrowbubble.gif A Healthcare Provider's Guide to Firefighter Physicals
“The IAFC created “A Healthcare Provider’s Guide to Firefighter Physicals,” which any firefighter can present to a personal care provider to ensure an annual physical is performed with the specific demands of firefighting in mind.
arrowbubble.gif Firefighter Behavioral Wellness Resources
Resource specializing in emergency responder behavioral health needs via education, professional counseling and setting up workplace behavioral health programs. Includes resources for combating stress unique to emergency responders.
arrowbubble.gif Firefighter Close Calls - The Secret List
Daily news and updates of firefighter's close calls around the country.
arrowbubble.gif Firehouse Health & Fitness
The Health & Fitness product category is a collection of information, product listings, and resources for researching various firefighter health and fitness equipment, including physical training, exercise equipment, firefighter health, nutrition options.
arrowbubble.gif Heart Healthy Firefighter, NVFC
The NVFC Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program is the only national program dedicated to saving America's firefighters and EMS personnel from their leading cause of death: heart disease
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Fire Service Health and Safety Collaborative
The Oregon Fire Service Health and Safety Collaborative is focused on coordinating resources and supporting firefighters and local fire agencies to prioritize health and safety.
arrowbubble.gif OSU Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Engage firefighters and family members in a culture of physical fitness and nutrition through OSU's USDA funded EFNEP.
arrowbubble.gif Safety Stand Down
Taking place each year during the third full week of June, Safety Stand Down highlights critical safety, health, and survival issues for fire and emergency services personnel.
Local Fire Departments
arrowbubble.gif Aumsville Rural Fire
The District's mission is to provide the best possible service of Fire and Life Safety To everyone and everything In the Fire District through Protection, Prevention and Education
arrowbubble.gif Jefferson Fire District
Jefferson Rural Fire Protection District was established in 1956 and covers approximately 100 square miles which includes the communities of Jefferson, Millersburg, and Talbot.
arrowbubble.gif Keizer Fire District
The District’s mission is to protect lives, property, and the environment through quality emergency response and community involvement. The mission will be achieved by career and volunteer professionals committed to excellence and dedicated to service in fire prevention, emergency medical services, fire suppression, hazardous materials and natural disaster response.
arrowbubble.gif Lyons Rural Fire District
The Lyons Rural Fire Protection District is committed to serving the community. To protect, save lives and property by providing the highest quality of emergency medical and fire service possible.
arrowbubble.gif Marion County Fire District #1
The Marion County Fire District #1 is not part of the city or the county, but instead is a “special service district” that provides fire and emergency service to residents in unincorporated Marion County. The fire district is run by an elected, volunteer board comprised of residents of the fire district.
arrowbubble.gif Scio Fire District
Watching over the communities of Scio, Crabtree and the Bilyeu Den area. Offering fire suppression, fire prevention, and emergency medical services.
arrowbubble.gif Silverton Fire District
Efficiently and effectively preserve and protect life and property from fire through prevention and suppression. Reduce the adverse effects of injury and sudden illness through quality emergency medical services as first responders. Provide necessary services during natural and manmade disasters. Respond to the community as requested in the spirit of the Fire Service.
arrowbubble.gif Sublimity Fire District
The members of the Sublimity Fire District, through our commitment to innovation, service and excellence, will always strive to be leaders in fire and life safety services, and to be the model of a successful volunteer fire district.
arrowbubble.gif Turner Fire District
Turner Fire District will become an organization continually pursuing excellence, ensuring public health and safety through choices based on our stated values and principles.
Oregon Fire Service
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Fire Chiefs Association
The Oregon Fire Chiefs Association proudly serves Oregon's fire service. A membership organization, OFCA strives to provide leadership and valued services to support fire chiefs and administrative officers throughout the state.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Fire Recruitment Network
The Oregon Fire Recruitment Network is a place for Oregon recruiters to network. The site provides a comprehensive list of nearly all Oregon Fire Departments and their contact information, as well as a detailed resource page and multi agency calendar.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Fire Service Office Administrators
Oregon Fire Service Office Administrators is a networking and educational organization for administrative personnel serving Oregon Fire Service agencies - from Fire Chiefs and Administrative Assistants to Entry Level Clerk positions.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal
Oregon State Police - Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Volunteer Firefighters Association
The Oregon Volunteer Firefighters Association represents emergency medical technicians, (EMT) and firefighters across Oregon.
Regional/National Fire Service
arrowbubble.gif Fire Corps
Fire Corps helps departments build more capacity by connecting them to community volunteers who can assist in a variety of non-emergency roles.
arrowbubble.gif International Association of Fire Chiefs
International Association of Fire Chiefs
arrowbubble.gif National Volunteer Fire Council
National Volunteer Fire Council
arrowbubble.gif Western Fire Chiefs Association
The Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA) supports, promotes, and develops Chief Officers in the ten states and US territory of Guam that comprise the Western Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and furthers the interests of prevention, control, and mitigation of fire, life safety, and all hazards in our region.
arrowbubble.gif Women in Fire
International Association of Women in Fire & Emergency Service (Women in Fire) is an organization of women and for women — but not for women alone. An interactive non-profit network, Women in Fire provides education, support, and advocacy for fire service women.
Training Resources
arrowbubble.gif Clackamas Community College
Wildland Fire Science Program
arrowbubble.gif DPSST Fire Forms
Links to certification guides and taskbooks.
arrowbubble.gif Eastern Oregon University
Eastern Oregon University offers a baccalaureate degree in Fire Services Administration in partnership with Western Oregon University, Chemeketa Community College, and Portland Community College.
arrowbubble.gif EMS Simulation Resources
American College of Emergency Physicians SimBox and TeleSimBox EMS Simulation Resources to run training scenarios at EMS agencies.
arrowbubble.gif EMS Training CEUs
Free EMS CEUs training, live online and recorded EMS webinars
arrowbubble.gif EMT User Account
All Oregon EMT's are required to claim their user account.
arrowbubble.gif FEMA Independent Study Program
The Emergency Management Institute (EMI) offers self-paced courses designed for people who have emergency management responsibilities and the general public.
arrowbubble.gif Fire Engineering
Dedicated to Education and Training for the fire service.
arrowbubble.gif Firefighter Nation
Firefighter Nation is the social network for firefighters, rescue & EMS, connecting fire departments, firefighters & first responders.
arrowbubble.gif Manage Your Online Reputation
This is a guide to taking control of your online reputation
arrowbubble.gif National Fire Academy
Information on courses available both online and on campus from the National Fire Academy.
arrowbubble.gif National Wildfire Coordinating Group
NWCG Provides multiple resources including online classes for S-110, S-190, S-260, S130, S-190 etc.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Care Partners Classes for First Responders
Make your first response, the right response. Free classes will help you respond to calls involving older adults and people living with Alzheimer’s or other related dementias.
arrowbubble.gif Portland Community College
Prepare for a rewarding career working in fire protection by gaining the knowledge you need.
arrowbubble.gif Safety Stand Down Resources
Use these materials and resources during Safety Stand Down to make sure all members of your department are ready for the next call.
arrowbubble.gif Santiam Training Academy
The Santiam Academy Website is for all new firefighter recruits going through fire academy.


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