Heating Leading Cause of Home Structure Fires in December

Across Oregon over the last five years, the month of December has seen 1,586 home structure fires resulting in $32,638,073 in estimated loss, 103 injuries, and 8 deaths.

The majority of fires (22%) have been home heating related, primarily involving woodstoves, fireplaces, flues, and chimneys. The factor contributing to ignition in more than half of these fires was a failure to clean the flue or chimney.

Fire Prevention Tips - Have chimneys inspected and cleaned by a qualified professional at least once each year; burn only dry, seasoned wood as it creates less buildup in the chimney; start the fire with newspaper, kindling, or fire starters. Never use a flammable liquid such as lighter fluid, kerosene, or gasoline to start a fire.

​Source and Link: OSFM Gated Wye, December 2017 issue


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